Jen Donatelli

Honest, Lively, Inspiring

200 hr RYT

Jen first tried yoga on a whim. Her love for running and triathlons encouraged her to “try something new”. During that class, her thoughts teetered around “I don’t get it”; and when the final rest pose was offered “I really don’t get it”. Somehow after that, life drew her back to a yoga class; and it was with yoga that she began discovering peace and love. When yoga became “more than a physical practice”, she was amazed. It is from this depth of understanding that Jen finds creativity in her yoga classes. She integrates the philosophies of ancient spiritual texts with each class. Her classes are inclusive of the beginner yogi as well as the more advanced practitioners. She offers modifications and variations that surprise even herself. And yes, she now relishes in the beauty that is both effort and release, finding a new learning experience around every corner. Moments of rest are thoroughly enjoyed both in and out of class!

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