Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

At Simply Yoga Studios, we are always here to answer your questions about yoga! If you can't find an answer to your question, you can submit it to us to receive a personalized reply by e-mail.

Before and After Class

We are a drop-in studio, meaning that you may come to any class, anytime without a reservation. For workshops and special series, we do take pre-registration. The studio will be open approximately 15 to 25 minutes prior to the class start time. If you are a new client, this will allow you the time to register and become acquainted with our facility. Avoid eating a heavy meal before coming to class, giving yourself 2-3 hours to digest. Be sure to hydrate well before and after practice, drinking only small amounts or no water during class.

Injuries and Your Pace

Please inform your instructor of any injuries, illnesses or conditions that might affect your practice. Please inform your instructor if there are any changes to your health.
Yoga is about practicing to your own level - Rest as needed, avoiding over-stretching, straining or injury. Listen to your inner wisdom.

Studio Environment

The studio is kept comfortably warm (not hot) allowing you to maximize your practice while keeping your muscles and joints safe from injury. But don’t forget…Sweating is one of the best and easiest ways to detoxify the body, so don’t be afraid to build up some heat!


Please help keep our studio environment pleasant and peaceful. We work to avoid external distractions while in class, so please either turn off your cell phone or leave it in your car. Avoid wearing heavily scented lotions or perfumes. To keep our practice space clean and sacred, please remove your shoes as you enter the studio. Unless it is absolutely necessary, try to be settled on your mat before the teacher starts the class and stay until class is finished. Part of your experience starts and ends with quiet relaxation – an important and enjoyable part of your yoga practice!

Make Yourself Comfortable

While Simply Yoga has a few yoga mats for rental ($1), we recommend, for your own personal hygiene, that you purchase your own. Owning your own mat is also a commitment to your practice. You may wish to bring a towel with you to class. You don’t need fancy workout gear to practice yoga. Practice in comfortable clothing and bare feet to allow for maximum movement and flexibility.

No Experience or Flexibility is Required

Yoga is for everyone and every body! It is a non-competitive, non-judging, community based, kind and caring atmosphere. Everyone here is on your side!

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