Alyssa Claus

Nurturing, Creative, Wise

RYT YA 200 hr

Alyssa believes in the healing power of yoga. She is a guide to help you delve deeper into your body, raising awareness and compassion for the physical, mental and emotional aspects of the self. For Alyssa, yoga goes beyond willful movements and healthful exercise; yoga is a method for getting in touch with deep inner peace, and the possibility of eternal bliss. Through compassion and presence, the ego is invited to fall away, and the authentic self shines through. In her gentle and loving practices, Alyssa invites her students to step out of the daily grind and into the peace of their true being. Alyssa's class begins with pranayama breathing exercises to focus the mind and prepare the body for movement. Tying breath to body movement is an important aspect of yoga and helps to get the body moving and warmed up. As the breath continues to flow, students willfully move into asana, sustaining and flowing through postures, building heat in the body and willpower in the mind. After a series of posture options, the body is invited to surrender in savasana which allows for integration of the willful practice, releases muscle tension, and restores the body.

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